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QPass® is a system developed by

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We are experts in providing web-based secure information management corporate solutions. Our proposal focuses on three main axes:

Technology. We provide high-tech solutions.

Autonomy. We offer the possibility of delegating, totally or partially, the operation of your solution to us.

Flexibility. We provide a personalized solution based on your requirements.

We offer our expertise in developing high-tech solutions for different industries and business models.

We have worked with companies in sectors such as IT, Finance, Services, Government, Education, NGOs, Retail, Facilities, Logistics, among many others.

Our History

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NetMX was founded in March 1994 with the goal of developing web solutions for the corporate market.
For almost 30 years we have pioneered advanced technological services, mobile-first server-side cloud solutions.

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In 2013 we started our Physical Security Division with a software-based solution for access control and security, innovating how people are processed through different interconnected checkpoints in mission critical facilities.

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We officially launched QPass® a software integration tool with security infrastructure teams.

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We currently have a presence in the United States, Mexico, Spain, France, Portugal, Chile, Brazil and Puerto Rico.

International Presence

We work directly in certain regions and leverage our efforts through a network of partners for better commercial and technical reach.

Through our partnership with Amazon Web Services, we can provide our solutions close to our customers' points of operation.

We operate under strict ethical and compliance standards offering solutions to our clients that also comply with regulations in their own markets, including privacy and personal data protection, ABC regulation (anti-bribery and corruption), AML (anti-money laundering) and other regional or local legal provisions within specific markets.

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