QPass™ - Sistema de control de acceso

Intelligent Access Control for Corporate Environments

Manage access and exit for employees and tenants, guests, suppliers and others in a practical and functional way, at one or several checkpoints, single or staggered.

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Internal Personnel

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All in one easy to use system!

Man using QPass in her laptop
Qpass - Cómo funciona

Schedule recurring visits to the facilities for any service provider.

Generate statistical data analysis reports. All registered information is encrypted and protected in the cloud and in accordance with local personal data protection laws.

QPass® offers traceability in your checkpoints, both in pre-authorizations and in walk-in registrations. Image records of each crossing can be made for security forensic analysis as required.

Optionally issue IDs for employees and tenants with access to the facilities

Agility in registration of visitors and suppliers.

Work schedule control.

Additional functionality

Prevent contagion in your office complex.

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Body-temperature reading

Identify if any person, prior to their access, has a temperature above normal and prevent risks of contagion in your facilities.

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Health questionnaire

Collects information regarding the state of health of the people who will enter the building, prior to their arrival at the facilities. Fully customizable.

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Occupancy Control

Ensure maximum occupancy compliance. Monitor entry and exit of people, detection of presence, or combine both technologies.


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