QPass™ - Sistema de control de acceso

Reinforce security at your checkpoints with body temperature reading technology

Qpass - Lectura de Temperatura
Identify if any person, prior to their access, has a temperature above normal and prevent risks of contagion in your facilities

Remote measurement of body temperature makes it possible to detect the presence of people with symptoms of fever at your checkpoints Autonomous operation prevents risks to security personnel at access points.

How QPass Body-Temperature Reading works

A device supporting face temperature measurement functions, can quickly and accurately test body temperature and generate an alarm when an out of range temperature is detected. Suitable for entrances to complexes such as hotels, offices, schools, shops, residences, among others

temperature measure device


icon - Security

High temperature indicator

icon - temperature

On-screen temperature display

icon - face mask

Face mask detection

icon - COVID-19

Assistant in implementation of prevention measures (COVID-19)

Installation Options

QPass - Lector facial y Temperatura - Pared

Facial and Temperature reader - Wall-mount

QPass - Lector facial y Temperatura - Piso

Facial and Temperature reader - Floor-mount

QPass - Lector facial y Temperatura - Torniquete

Facial and Temperature reader - Tourniquet

QPass - Lector facial y Temperatura - Escritorio

Facial and Temperature reader - Desk-mount

Additional functionality

Help prevent infections in areas under your responsibility

Icon - Test de Salud
Health questionnaire

Fully customizable, it collects information regarding the health status of people prior to entering the residential community.

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Icon - Control de aforos
Occupancy Control

Ensure maximum occupancy compliance. Monitor entry and exit of people, detection of presence, or combine both technologies.

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