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QPass® is a cloud-based information system for access management at different control points, ultra-versatile, used for visitors, suppliers and internal staff.

Through web interfaces and mobile applications, accesses and exits are recorded, customizable for each client.

A host can invite one or more persons, while spontaneous visitors can be registered in minimum time, speeding up the flow of access to secure areas.

Personnel belonging to the complex (residents or employees) record their entry and exit in an optimal and secure manner, with the possibility of two-factor physical and digital authentication.

QPass® allows you to satisfy most of your access control needs in residential and corporate complexes.

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QPass® Residential is the secure access system for residential complexes of different sizes and needs. Highly adaptable and customizable to the needs of families and the operation that entails, safely improving the experience of residents and visitors.

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QPass® Corporate allows integration of high security measures required by today's corporations, incorporating access control elements with infrastructure such as pedestrian turnstiles, vehicular barriers and elevators, for a modern, safe and high-tech visitor experience, including digital credentials for tenants.

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QPass® Schools offers a simple and orderly management of all students, badges and credentials for attendance registration using QPass® Codes as well as controlling entrances and exits to the facilities, controlled access for parents or trusted authorized people to pick up students.

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QPass® Industrial provides management, control and security in industrial installations, badges for internal users as well as a fast and easy registration at the moment, or scheduled for a future date, and control of entry and exit of suppliers.

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QPass® Events is a configurable system for special events, managing entry and exit of attendees, exhibitors, talent or speakers with the option to control various internal and external access points, and generating data for detailed information analysis.