QPass™ - Sistema de control de acceso

Access control for one or several entry and exit checkpoints, single or staggered, with specific security, operation and ease of use requirements, QPass® offers efficient control under a solution that meets the following needs:

Icon Experiencia

User Experience

Icon Flujo

Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic

Icon Identificación

Identification Management for Individuals and Assets

Icon Registro

Access Registration

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Icon Seguridad

Security and Prevention

All in one easy to use system!

How QPass® works  QPass logo

With a fixed scanner or with a mobile device (Android or iOS), the QPass® Code (QR) is read and access is granted to the visitor.


Icon Envío de invitación
Sending of QPass® invitation (QR)

The host invites a guest through the web interface or the mobile application.

Icon Recepción de Código
Guests receive an invitation by e-mail or a shared message with a QPass® Code

The guest shows up at the checkpoint with their invitation on their mobile device and the system validates their entry, automatically or assisted by security personnel.

Icon Salida Segura
Secure and dynamic exit from premises

Upon leaving, the guests' codes are scanned on their devices and checked out; the codes are disabled preventing further use.


Icon Registro de espontáneos

Spontaneous visitors, those without pre-authorization, are instantly and quickly registered, generating an entry and exit code that works only once.

Residents / Employees

Icon TAG / Código Dinámico

Fast access through the use of a QPass® Dynamic Code in the mobile application, using a vehicle tag on the car or by scanning the QPass® Code on a personalized access card.


Access Control Elements
Icon - Contención

Options for access control and information elements at checkpoints can be diverse.

Authentication Elements
Icon - Autenticación

The system allows multiple authentication elements, with different options for sharing the QPass® Code.

Scanning Elements
Icon - Lectura de código

Scanning of QPass® Codes can be manual or automated using different authentication technologies.

System Operation

Woman showing smartphone with a QPass Code Invitation

Users and guests operate using their own devices.

Woman using QPass in lapton, tablet and smartphone

The system can be operated via the Web with existing desktop or laptop computers, as well as tablets or smartphones.

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Additional functionality

Help prevent infections in areas under your responsibility.

Icon - Validación térmica
Body-temperature reading

Identify if any person, prior to their access, has a temperature above normal and prevent risks of contagion in your facilities.

Icon - Test de Salud
Health questionnaire

Collects information regarding the health status of people prior to admission, in accordance with local data protection laws.

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Icon - Control de aforos
Occupancy Control

Ensure maximum occupancy compliance. Monitor entry and exit of people, detection of presence, or combine both technologies.

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