QPass™ - Sistema de control de acceso

Intelligent Access Control Management for Residential Communities


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Household Employees

All in one easy to use system!

Residential entrance
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Program recurring visits (for example: private teachers, trusted relatives, nurses or others who visit the community on a regular basis) with a visiting schedule (weekdays, weekends, Monday and Thursday, every Tuesday...).

Generate statistical data analysis reports: real-time usage reports, peak hours and days, frequent users, visit duration, among others. Detect suppliers and contractors that exceed working hours or times, visitors using unauthorized access or residents in administrative faults.

All registered information is encrypted and protected in the cloud, in accordance with local personal data protection laws..

Improve visitor management.

Less workload on access points.

Increase control for use of common areas.

Strict management of security personnel schedules.

Additional functionality

Help prevent infections in your residential complex.

Icon - Validación térmica
Body-temperature reading

Identify if any person, prior to their access, has a temperature above normal and prevent risks of contagion in your facilities.

Icon - Test de salud
Health questionnaire

Fully customizable, it collects information regarding the health status of people prior to entering the residential community.

Icon - Control de aforos
Occupancy Control

Ensure maximum occupancy compliance. Monitor entry and exit of people, detection of presence, or combine both technologies.


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