QPass™ - Sistema de control de acceso

Effectively control people capacities in your complex

people walking in a mall with +1 counters on their heads
An efficient solution for people counting adaptable to the needs of each project..

A software that indicates occupancy by counting people entering and exiting, combinable with detection sensors in large areas, that can be easily implemented in:

icon - Tiendas

Retail Spaces

icon - Centros comerciales

Shopping Centers

icon - Restaurantes

Restaurants and Bars

icon - Estacionamientos

Parking Lots


How QPass Occupancy Control works

Automation of capacity control is one of the preventive and control measures that have been put in place against the threat of contagion between employees and customers.

QPass® Occupancy Control provides real-time data on how many people are present at your location or in a given area at a given time. This information helps identify visitor flow and occupancy trends to improve how space is used, optimize staff attendance planning, opening hours and act if occupancy exceeds your set limit.

Security camera screen showing people entering with marks to count them


Icon - Cámara IP

Compatible with standard IP cameras

Icon - Real time screen

Automatic real-time occupancy estimation, shows visitors outside if entry is temporarily suspended

Icon - COVID-19

Compliance with maximum visitor regulations (COVID-19)

Icon - Signage screen

Compatible with digital signage displays

Additional functionality

Help prevent infections in areas under your responsibility

Icon - Validación térmica
Body-temperature reading

Identify if any person, prior to their access, has a temperature above normal and prevent risks of contagion in your facilities.

Icon - Test de Salud
Health questionnaire

Collects information regarding the health status and clinical history of people prior to admission, in accordance with local data protection laws. Fully customizable

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